Modern rustic: Your Ultimate Guide to Get the Look

Modern rustic: Your Ultimate Guide to Get the Look

So, you want to redesign your living room but have no idea what look would be perfect. You're thinking about keeping it simple yet having that sophisticated feel that will wow your guests. With a variety of design styles out there, it's easy to get lost in the process - when what you really want is the Modern Rustic look. You've probably seen this style on Pinterest and Instagram because this style is just pleasantly wholesome and people can't help but fall in love with it. Okay, so what is Modern Rustic?

To define it simply, we've crafted the ultimate guide you need to get the look.

Take a look at these 5 Elements of a Modern Rustic Home!

Nature grounded

A modern rustic home takes its inspiration from nature. The materials are mostly organic and you are going to see lots of wood and stone elements. Exposed wooden structural ceiling beams and wooden floors are the top most defining feature of a modern rustic home as well as a stunning stone fireplace. These natural materials evoke modesty and elegance with practicality and functionality.

Open Planning

A modern rustic-styled home embraces the open plan concept. To seamlessly pull off the look, layout your furniture pieces in a straightforward manner. Keep it simple yet significant. Make more space by decluttering and keeping the necessary furniture pieces. Create flow throughout the rooms by arranging for ease of access and navigation. The open plan concept is one of the unique characteristics that add a sense of modernism to a rustic home. It brightens up the room and provides optimum indoor air quality.

Neutral Backdrops

What makes natural elements stand out in a modern rustic home is the neutral backdrop. White painted walls act as the canvas of your interior space. Neutrals colors such as white, gray, and beige create a beautiful contrast that highlights the organic elements in your design. This is basically what makes the rustic style have a modern feel.

Simple Furniture Pieces

Another defining element of a modern rustic house is the furniture pieces. The key is to choose a furniture piece with simple geometry. Opt for a contemporary styled sofa with neutral-colored upholstered fabrics. Compliment it with a distressed ornate console or coffee table and add a ton of interest by adding a minimalistic iconic accent chair. 

A Mixture of Wood and Wrought Iron

There's just something about wood and wrought iron that imbibes a timeless charm when combined to create a piece of decor and furniture. A wooden shelf with wrought-iron features evokes a traditional and sort of industrial feel to the interior. It is the perfect combination of materials that is versatile and goes well with the modern rustic look. Another way to integrate the wood and iron element is through lighting fixtures. Industrial hanging lamps saturates the rustic cool and at the same time evokes a contemporary vibe.




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