Loft Style Interior: How to Decorate the Space to Achieve an Industrial Look.

Loft Style Interior: How to Decorate the Space to Achieve an Industrial Look.

In interior design, industrial style originated in New York where factories and warehouses were left abandoned post the recession mid-20th century. Initially these buildings attracted local bohemia and quickly became their workshops, galleries as well as their homes. With time however, these post-industrial buildings became an inspiration for interior designers, and nowadays the “Loft” style is one of the most popular interior decorating styles. Elements of the industrial style directly connect with the large open spaces, large windows as well as exposed elements of construction and installation of the building itself. Industrial style oozes rawness which, dependent on a design approach, dominates or merges with other decorating ideas that soften it.

Decorating tips

If you are planning to decorate your place in a loft style, opt for white shades of paint for walls. In an industrial interior there should be no lack of metal accents, painted in black or anthracite with a powder coating finish. An important accent is also delivered by concrete, with its natural light grey shades, it goes hand in hand with natural wood that you can bring out in flooring, doors or furniture. To really accentuate the industrial character consider creating a brick wall feature, either by exposing an existing brick wall structure or by applying a brick-effect wall covering. If you’d prefer to avoid the naturally dark shade of a brick, applying whitewash effect could be just as impactful.


Furniture is quintessential in achieving an industrial look and you have endless choice of suitable pieces, as long as they consist of wood, metal or a mix of both. It’s worth finding at least one statement piece of furniture (e.g. Industrial Style Circular Bar Cabinet with Reclaimed Wood), or upcycling one that has some history behind it.


In a loft style interior, you can display number of accessories although try to keep the volumes down. Some of the most fitting items are black picture frames, analogue metal wall clocks, floor lamps with metal shades, concrete flowerpots, or cork coasters, to name just a few.


Lighting in an industrial style spaces is incredibly important and can create a special ambience after dusk. Ceiling height permitting, opt for black metal pendant lights (Brooklyn Black and Silver Pendant Light) and Edison-style lightbulbs. Alternatively consider adding wall lights to really highlight the brick feature wall or your gallery of black & white pictures. Don’t forget about table or floor lamps, also with fitting metal lampshades.

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