Bridgerton Inspired Home Decorating Ideas | Everything You Need to Know

Bridgerton has captivated the hearts of many with its take on Regency-era fashion and interiors. Get inspired and style the Bridgerton way!

Netflix’s new hit period drama series Bridgerton has sent the fashion and interior decorating world in a frenzy. Why with all its nostalgic and fabulous take on Regency-style fashion and interior décor, who wouldn’t be obsessed? The drama is set against the backdrop of opulence regency in England featuring lavish interiors of Georgian mansions. The classic fairytale-like vibe of Regency-era-styled interiors has captivated millions around the world. If you’re thinking of getting the Bridgerton inspired home interior look but have no idea where to start? We've got you. Here we've gathered a list of Bridgerton-inspired home decorating ideas including tips on how you can decorate your home like the Bridgertons!

Decorate in Gold

Everywhere you look in the Bridgerton mansion, you see gold. The detailed moldings on the walls and ceiling are painted in gold. Ornate furniture details, hardware, and mirrors are made of gold. Gold represents class and affluence and it’s definitely something that you shouldn’t forget to include in your Bridgerton-inspired interior. This Antique Gold Horse Head Figurine is a perfect addition you can place on your console table. Saturate it with this Gold Battlesden Mirrored Tray where you can place candles and other ornaments. 

 It’s All About Velvet

Other classic features that are apparent in the Bridgerton mansion are the plush and pretty fabrics and textiles. Opt for velvet-upholstered furniture pieces to nail the look. Velvet fabric has a fuzzy surface which allows it to reflect light. This makes velvet furniture look extra enticing compared to cotton upholstered ones. This Grey Velvet French Style Chair would be a perfect pair for this Grey Velvet Chesterfield Sofa. Induce a more dramatic feel and take the luxury to a whole new level by adding a Leopard Velvet Chaise Lounge.

Fancy Accessories

It’s not complete without the right accessories. One of the key factors that make the Bridgerton style so alluring is because it takes tiny details seriously. Every décor piece is refined and picked meticulously to evoke elegance and opulence. But your accessories don’t have to be extra expensive to pull off the look. This deer head figurine has that lavish quality and feels at a very affordable price. Feel like an Aristocrat in the 1800s by adding this Olive Globe Accessory to your home office or library.


The Feeling of Grandeur

There’s nothing quite like sophisticated chandeliers to evoke a sense of grandeur in your interior space. Distinctive and elegant pieces like this Hanging Antique Whitewash Ceiling Lamp can give any room a sense of opulence and historical ambiance. Lighting fixtures define your space the same way that light itself does. Incorporate this Nickel Antler Chandelier to make a statement. Pay attention to small details and place classically styled table lamps to seamlessly pull off the look. 


Can’t get enough of the Bridgertons? We have so much in store for you here!

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